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How do you set an input's conditional change to match a literal * with Simple XML?

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I have a problem with users putting just * in test search fields. I am fine with "bob*" but "*" is too much. I would like unset the token if someone put in *. I have changed the input token's name and then added a conditional change, but since * matches everything, I am trying to escape it. I tried \*, but that only matches when you actually input \*

<input type="text" token="tok_user_name_check" searchWhenChanged="false">
  <label>The userid</label>
    <condition value="\*">
      <unset token="tok_user_name"></unset>
    <condition value="*">
      <set token="tok_user_name">$tok_user_name_check$</set>


Try condition match="match(value, & quot; \ \ *& quot;)" but without all the interior whitespace. (I added that so the characters would post verbatim.)

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This solution for the aforementioned problem works perfect.