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How do I allow drill down on only 1 of the charts in a chart overlay?

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I have a timechart overlay from my search that returns a column chart and a line chart.

I have also configured the drill down to return specifically what I want.

However, I only want the drill down to be active for the line chart, and not the column chart. Is there any way for me to disable clicking on the column chart only?

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Hi zongwei,

You can catch the field what you want. Use predefined tokens like $click.<field_name>$ to take'em.

If you want catch a value from field named foo, declare in your timechart drilldown tag. The same name field for you chart overlay in your case.

  <set token="clickedFooValueToken">$row.foo$</set>

Token clickedFooValueToken will content the value from clicked field foo

You can find more info:


Greetings. jvardev.

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Hi jvardev,

Thanks for your answer. I have managed to capture the value that I wanted.

However, what I meant was, I have a chart overlay of column chart and line chart, and I only want the line chart to be able to be clicked and drilldown. So clicking the line chart will bring me to an event, But I do not want drilldown to be activate for the column chart of my chart overlay, meaning clicking the column chart will do nothing.

Is it possible to achieve this?

Thanks, zongwei.

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if you don't want drilldown for column chart then add below stanza under column chart panel-

<option name="charting.drilldown">none</option>
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