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strptime with time zone - eval token drilldown

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When evaluating this token in an "eval" drilldown:
strptime("2000-01-01 +00:00", "%F %:z")
It does not produce any result.

...But, actually, if in a standard search we write:
eval foo = strptime("2000-01-01 +00:00", "%F %:z")
It will produce "946684800" as result, which is the correct epoch we are looking for.

In the end, it looks like the command is properly written but, for some reasons, it cannot work in drilldowns.
Do you know why?

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Re: strptime with time zone - eval token drilldown



In the dashboard drilldown, its throws an error due to ":" character between % and z. Remove the colon(:) and try strptime("2000-01-01 +00:00", "%F %z") in the eval and it should work. Somehow search bar ignores this while parsing.

Below works for me

          <query>|makeresults|eval time="2000-01-01 +00:00"</query>
        <option name="drilldown">cell</option>
          <eval token="NEW_TIME">strptime("2000-01-01 +00:00","%F %z")</eval>
      <h1>$NEW_TIME$ </h1>

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