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How can I customize a dashboard and reports with colors?


I wanna learn how to make super-puper-colorful-beautiful dashboards and reports, so my boss will be happy and will pay me some money.
What should, must have to read, or watch to raise my level in this? Except documentation, because there are only basic information.
Maybe some are ready templates in free access or some courses on online-courses.

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Re: How can I customize a dashboard and reports with colors?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I suggest you download and install the Dashboard Examples app, which has a lot of working examples of visualizations and interactivity. If you are looking for fancier graphics, there are 11 custom visualization apps that might help you.


Re: How can I customize a dashboard and reports with colors?


@test_qweqwe, One of the most abundant free resource for picking up on any Splunk related topics is the Splunk .conf Archive. Get the .conf Archived Sessions app from Splunkbase to get links to sessions recording and slides for Dashboard related sessions: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/3330/

Till date 2017 sessions have not been uploaded, however you can search then directly on http://conf.splunk.com/sessions/2017-sessions.html

Following is a search link with dashboard topics : (http://conf.splunk.com/sessions/2017-sessions.html#search=dashboard&) Some of the cool sessions you must go through are:

Dashboard Wizardry
Splunk Dashboard Design Guidelines
Advanced Dashboarding Tips & Techniques
Tokens in Splunk Web Framework: Use, Abuse and Incantations
Next Generation Dashboards

PS: Sessions have required skill level mentioned so you can start off with Beginner level and move along to Intermediate and Expert level.

If you like any visualization or dashboard outside of Splunk ( 🙂 ), you can definitely come back to Splunk Answers with a mock screenshot of what you need and community members here would definitely be able to assist.

As @ChrisG [Splunk] has mentioned with Custom Visualization API Splunk has added several custom visualizations catering to complex day to day data visualization needs. It also lets you build your own based industry standard JavaScript packages like d3: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/AdvancedDev/CustomVizTutorial

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