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How do you return functionality to deprecated options on a dashboard?

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            <option name="linkFields">result</option>
            <option name="linkSearch">sourcetype=pbs:status $STATE$ tag=$PBSSERVER$ earliest=-15m | rex "(?i) comment = (?P&lt;comment&gt;.+)" |eval host=resources_available_host|  table host,state comment |dedup host, state</option>
            <option name="linkView">search</option>
            <option name="drilldown">none</option>
            <option name="afterLabel">hosts in this state.</option>
            <option name="beforeLabel">There are</option>

I had a single digit panel on a dashboard that I used to have a linkSearch option set for which no longer works:

I'm getting an error in the dashboard source saying these options are deprecated. What are the replacement options so that I can return functionality to this dashboard?

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