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I'm trying to create a dropdown form input named "Span" where the values are "Daily", "Weekly", and "Monthly".
The idea is that when I choose one of the values, the panels under it will be populated base on their "Daily", "Weekly" or "Monthly" count.

I don't know if I made myself clear but I hope someone can help me with this.

Thank you.

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try something like this (the panel is just a run-anywhere search to show how to use the token):

 <fieldset submitButton="true">
 <input type="dropdown" token="span">
      <choice value="1d">Daily</choice>
      <choice value="1w">Weekly</choice>
      <choice value="1mon">Monthly</choice>
          <query>index=_internal earliest=-2mon@mon|timechart span=$span$ count</query>
        <option name="drilldown">none</option>
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