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Floating Bar or Range Column Charts

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Is there a way to create floating bar, range column, or gantt charts?


Re: Floating Bar or Range Column Charts

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Not currently. Please feel free to contact support and make an official request! Good ideas.

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Re: Floating Bar or Range Column Charts

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I figured out a way to simulate this type of chart thanks to the answer to another charting related question.

I defined my own brush pallet. There are only two brushes in the pallet. The first one has an alpha transparency value of 0 (transparent). The second brush has the color for the "floating" bar.

<module name="HiddenChartFormatter">
<param name="charting.chart">bar</param>
<param name="charting.chart.stackMode">stacked</param>
<param name="charting.axisTitleX.text">milliseconds</param>
<param name="charting.axisTitleY.text"></param>
<param name="charting.legend.placement">none</param>
<param name="charting.b1">solidFill</param>
<param name="charting.b1.alpha">0</param>
<param name="charting.b2">solidFill</param>
<param name="charting.b2.color">0x0033CC</param>
<param name="charting.b2.alpha">1.0</param>
<param name="charting.myBrushPalette">list</param>
<param name="charting.myBrushPalette.brushes">[@b1,@b2]</param>
<param name="charting.chart.barBrushPalette">@myBrushPalette</param>
<module name="FlashChart" />

This chart is designed to render a table with three columns. The first will be some series of data, the second an offset, and the third a duration. Refer to the following:

action offset duration
A 0 95
B 8 39
C 13 32
D 29 13
E 31 11
F 36 2

I can't provide a picture of the rendered chart because I don't yet have enough karma. I'll edit this answer in the future with a picture of the chart.

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