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Hello All

I want to search for two separate values depending on the dropdown selection in a dashboard. Essentially if ItemA is selected in the dropdown, I want to make a correlation with ItemB and have the rest of the dashboard search with both ItemA and ItemB. Originally I was hoping to provide a couple static options that looked like - ItemA|ItemB , ItemC|ItemD etc. but I couldn't find a way to search based on the regex of "ItemA|ItemB" ... I'm sure I'm missing something but if you could help it would be much appreciated. I'm not even sure using static options is the way to go so feel free to suggest something different.


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So here's an example...

Let's say you have a search that yields these results:

Hot Dogs

Now using this info, I want to classify them based on type and have the search filter based on each. So in the dropdown I was thinking of creating something like:

Fruits (Apples|Oranges)
Vegetables (Carrots|Cucumbers)
Meats (Steaks|Hot Dogs)

And then depending on what they select, I want to filter a search essentially adding "Apples|Oranges" so that I only get results that have either Apples or Oranges.

Let me know if I should explain further.


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@mstrozyk please add more details of the values in Dropdown A and Dropdown B and final event with combined value being searched. Cascaded Dropdown can be created using Token from Dropdown A to Search for values in Dropdown B. Then event handler in Dropdown A and B can be used to concatenate selected values of both dropdown to set a common token using` tag, which can be passed on to the search.

However, we would be able to assist you better if you can provide sample data for each and if possible current Simple XML Dashboard code.

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