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Drill Down behaviour question ?


I have a drill down enabled dashboard with base-searches powering the main panels and also some part of the drill down panels.  
 Lets say my main panels are A. Upon clicking on A    A1, A2,A3 panels open up.
Before implementing drilldowns, my older dashboard was showing all 4 panels(A, A1, A2, A3) the moment dashboard was loading up

My question is, 
 Does it mean that the SPL responsible for displaying result for drill-down panels A1,A2,A3 only begins to execute after I click in the  panel A ? OR the SPL for all the panel (A, A1,A2,A3 ) are executed all at once when I open the dashboard and the drill-down click merely stops me from seeing the drill-down panels output and the drilldown panels' result generating SPLs have already run in the background ?

I'm wondering, does/can the drilldown help in anyway in improving performance !!

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Each search with valid query in the dashboard will execute regardless of panel visible or not.

The query is valid means, if there is No token used in search (plain search without any tokens used as a part of search ) OR any tokens which used in the search query are set with some values. If the search query is valid then it will execute on load of dashboard.


In your case, If your drilldown panels(A1,A2,A3,..) search query has token which set on the click of Panel A then it will execute only on the drilldown of panel A. So suggest to set a token in drilldown and use it in drilldown panels(A1,A2,A3,..) search query.

I hope this will help you.

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