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Column/Row Span on dashboard


Hey everyone. I am just trying to find out if its possible to make a chart span multiple columns or rows in a dashboard. I am just now toying with interactive dashboards and to make the layout look nicer I'd like to move things around a bit more. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Column/Row Span on dashboard


You can't specify a column or row span, but you can influence the layout with custom CSS. To do so create a file called application.css in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/<your app>/appserver/static and put in those custom styles you want.

It's easily possible to target CSS rules for specific views and elements/modules wihin those views. Every view has a unique class in it's body tag you can reference and every module has it's own unique class as well. And you can refernce the layout row/column element by their CSS class.


.splView-mydemoview .panel_row2_col .layoutCell { width: 25%; }
.splView-mydemoview .panel_row2_col .firstCell { width: 50% !important; }

You can explore and play with those styles using tools like Firebug.

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