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I would like to change the default chart colors template for all my charts in my app. I know we can chart for each chart using "charting.seriesColors". However, I am looking for any settings or conf file changes so that all my charts in my dashboard and all new charts will follow the new template colors.

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You can do it via hidden field.

  1. Add below code in form's fieldset section. <input type="text" token="charting_fieldColors" depends="$hiddenToken$"> <default>[0x5f7396, 0x844539]</default> </input>
  2. Add below code in each of your chart panel. <option name="charting.seriesColors">$charting_fieldColors$</option>


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Thanks for your comment jawaharas. I am looking for a way to not use 'charting.seriesColors' in every chart. If possible not add in every dashboard as well. We have a team of people working on multiple dashboards. Its tough to educate everyone and make them follow it in every dashboard, especially with new people and old people leaving. I am looking for a way to have them in a central place. It could be some splunk settings, conf files, css, etc.

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