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Can you help me color coordinate different charts in a dashboard?

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Dear Team

Could you please help me to get the same color in the charts, below the line chart... each one with the color of the line, in the Line Chart.

The code I have so far:

(host=jp) source="/home/jp/pings/targets/googledns.txt" OR source="/home/jp/pings/targets/defaultGateway.txt"  OR source="/home/jp/pings/targets/l3dns.txt"  OR source="/home/jp/pings/targets/sapo.txt"
| timechart avg(time) by source
| rename /home/jp/pings/targets/googledns.txt as "Google DNS" | rename /home/jp/pings/targets/defaultGateway.txt as "Default Gateway" | rename /home/jp/pings/targets/l3dns.txt as "L3 DNS" | rename /home/jp/pings/targets/sapo.txt as "sapo"

This code reads the data from 4 different .txt files in real time. The data is a ping to four different IPs.

Also the Legend on the right is customized.

alt text

Thank you in advance.

Best regards

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Is the name of the series (renamed source in your query) static? If they are, you should be able to assign specific color to them in chart configurations. See charting.fieldColors attribute in below link.


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