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Love Splunk? New Ways to Share Your Success and Snag Cool Perks!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey Splunk Community!

We are constantly in awe of everything you are able to do and achieve with Splunk. Seriously… you all are among the most amazing users of the product and members of this community. I work with our Customer Advocacy group to help tell your stories and give any of you that want it some well-deserved limelight and recognition. This can be in whatever forms are most comfortable for you, and you can see a few of the examples on our new community page.

So why tell your story?? 

There are lots of reasons, including shining a light on your success with Splunk through expertly crafted videos, written case studies, major speaking opportunities, blogging, media interviews, analyst relations opportunities, and more. The best part? We work with YOU to come up with the plan that complements your goals and authentically represents YOU. 

Not to mention, Splunk does all the legwork and ensures the entire process runs efficiently to minimize time required from you or your company.

What’s in it for you?

  • Showcase Your Innovation
    • 10-15 million impressions & exposure to major tech audiences as a data leader
    • Broaden your reach within the Splunk community
  • Recognize Your Team’s Work
    • Showcase your team’s innovative use of data to impact business outcomes
    • Share what works -- what REALLY works -- so others can follow in your footsteps
    • Give a voice to you and your team for your contributions and success 
  • Boost Recruitment
    • Recruit talent from the massive community of Splunk enthusiasts
  • Plus, there’s always some Community benefits for you, too!
    • A special badge! 
    • Unique swag!
    • Special member-only story opportunities and incentives
    • And much more is coming!

Your company gets lots of perks, too! Mix all of this goodness together and it often leads to increased brand awareness, additional speaking and media opportunities, and recognition on the industry's biggest stages. 

Questions? Feel free to shout in the comments below and head to the new page to check out all the ways you can get involved and spread the Splunk love! 

Ready to explore sharing your story now, earn a new badge, and snag some cool perks?

Just let us know by completing this form👈💓👈💓👈 

We look forward to helping tell your incredible stories!

-- Bailey Harmon, Customer Marketing Manager