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Congrats, to Our First Splunk Love Members!


In December, we launched of "Splunk Love," a program to highlight YOUR achievements and success with Splunk in whatever ways interest you most. And we cannot believe that in just two short months nearly FIFTY of you have thrown your hands up! KUDOS! Brava!

Personally, I've had the great fortune of hopping on zooms with several of you, and getting to know you has been utterly inspiring. Your intelligence, passion, creativity, and achievement deserve to be celebrated, and I'm so glad this program will help us do just that. 

community-advocate-72 (1).pngToday, we want to recognize some of these members that engaged right away, sent us some of their stories, hopped on a zoom chat, and/or left us a review. You all are blazing the Splunk Love trail for sure! You should see your new Splunk Love badge appear on your profile soon, and we'll be publishing your stories soon after. To those of you still in the queue... we got you, and we're working quickly!

Early shout-outs to: @9192gks , @Jortegalcec , @Splunk_noobie , @The_Simko , @gauripkulkarni , and @nshaikh ! (There are several more, so if you didn't get your badge, look for an email from me!)

Jealous of that shiny new badge? Who wouldn't be! 😉  If you want to hop on the Splunk Love train, we'd love to learn all about you and snag you some spotlight! 

Stay awesome, Splunk Community!

- Bryan Jennewein, Sr. Director, Splunk Community

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