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Announcing Our Splunk MVPs

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


We are excited to announce the first cohort of the Splunk MVP program. Splunk MVPs are passionate members of the Splunk community that have shown consistent participation in at least one area of our community programs. The Splunk MVP program is one way the community team recognizes our star contributors, and it complements the SplunkTrust program, which has been in place for many years. The Splunk community is built upon the efforts of its members and the contributions they make to help their peers find success. We are always thankful for your contributions!


Starting with this cohort, Splunk will recognize community members twice a year based upon community program participation. This first cohort was selected based upon participation in the Splunk Answers forums and our top Splunk User Group leaders, and we are adding additional sources for Splunk MVP recognition from our other community programs in upcoming selection rounds.


How do I become a Splunk MVP?

Chances are, you’re already well on your way! Splunk MVP selection will focus on community contributions, prioritizing engagement and support, in whatever areas you might be most passionate about. Do you love answering questions about Splunk SOAR in Splunk Answers? That’s one way! Driving fabulous engagement as a leader of your Splunk User Group? That’s another way! Rockin’ out the Slack contributions? Yep, that could definitely score you an invite! Are you contributing some amazing technical content to our community blogs? Yep, even that. The beauty of this tier is that it can help recognize stand-out contributions in even a single area. Twice each year, we’ll review your contributions alongside specific selection criteria (sorry, the specifics are secret to help avert gaming the system!), and we’ll send special invitations to community members that qualify. 


Introducing our first cohort of Splunk MVPs:

Thank you to the following people for your Splunk community contributions. Our programs are built around your knowledge of Splunk, domain expertise, and passion to help your peers find success:


Brett Adams
Ryan Adler
Gareth Anderson
Michael Bentley
John Billings
Johnny Blizard
Steven Bochniewicz
Mika Borner
Antony Bowesman
Doug Brown
Becky Burwell
Shawn Cannon
Suat Celikok
Siddhartha Chakraborty
Douglas Clendening
Mary Cordova
Aleem Cummins
Giuseppe Cusello
Kamil Damuc
Dustin Eastman
Eric Favreau
Mhike Funderburk
Suman Gajavelly
Rich Galloway
Lakshmanan Ganesan
Javier Garcia Nieva
Alain Giammarinaro
Adam Gold
Björn Hansen
Dustin Hoffmann
Oliver Hoppe
John Huang
Vatsal Jagani
Dal Jeanis
Rohit Joshi
Nancy Kafer
Pavan Kalyan
Chris Kaye
Steve Koelpin
Greg Kollias
Tom Kopchak
Matthias Kowalewski
Mariusz Kruk
Charles Kuykendall
Yuan Liu
Alex Lu
Robert Lynch
Rich Mahlerwein
Nick Mealy
Manjunath Meti
Madison Moss
Martin Müller
Renjith Nair
Shivansh Nautiyal
Christopher Owen
Cary Petterborg
Nate Plamondon
Ryan Plas
Gregory Rivas
Shawn Routhier
Trevor Scroggins
Nadine Shillingford
David Shpritz
Diogo Silva
Michael Simko
Kulwinder Singh
Kyle Smith
Somesh Soni
Ismo Soutamo
Daniel Spavin
Vijay Sri S
George Starcher
Sekar Sundaram
Balaji Thambisetty
Andrew Trobec
Matt Uebel
Michael Uschmann
Kamlesh Vaghela
Dominique Vocat
Duane Waddle
Colby Williams
Tom Wise
Yutaka Yamada
Srikanth Yarlagadda
Chris Younger
Andre Zeemering


To those who aspire to be an MVP, keep up the good work! Remember, there are many ways to contribute and make an impact in the Splunk community, and we want to recognize the diverse talents and skills of our members. We look forward to recognizing more members twice a year. 


Congratulations once again to the first cohort of Splunk MVPs.

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