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how to set different chartView instances on a javascript page to display timecharts using different colors


Having read numerous posts explaining how to use "charting.seriesColors", I concluded that to set the (unique) bar color of a timechart I would need to set this property to a 1 element array (my sought after color). (note: I have something like "|timechart count " as the search associated with each ChartView)
However, I have several ChartView instances on my javascript page and I'd like them to use a distinct color each. When I try setting the above property on each of these charts to a distinct 1-element array (each array using a distinct color, such as "charting.seriesColors": [0xcc5068]), this does not appear to work, and all the instances end up using the same color.
Why is this? Is there a way to achieve what I'm looking for?

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