How to get system resource data (CPU,Memory,File system utilization) onto Splunk app for *nix

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Hi -

My Name is Basudeba Mandal, I have started using Splunk couple of months back. I have understood the basic concept of log indexing, Alert creation etc.
In order to understand and implement how to get system resource utilization (CPU,Memory,FileSystem) details onto splunk indexer, I installed Splunk app for *nix on the indexer. However struggling to get the clear knowledge about how to get system resource details onto the splunk app for *nix .
I would appreciate if anybody can help me understand what configuration will be required for achieving above task.

Many Thanks,
Basudeba Mandal

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Splunk addon for *Nix is available in splunk base,download and install the addon the forwarder(if u want to get cpu,memory...etc logs on application server) and it has some inbuilt dashboards install same app on search head also and you can disable scripts.

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