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Why are we unable to reinstall Splunk DB Connect on 6.5?



We cannot reinstall Splunk DB Connect 2.4 on Splunk 6.5.12.

The installation hangs.

  1. The installation hangs and then times out.
  2. When we reload the page, the DB Connect icon appears but the app does not load: An error occurred while reading the page template. See web_service.log for more details: Unable to obtain template "splunk_app_db_connect:templates/explorer.html

We have tried:

  1. Ran splunk remove app splunk_app_db_connect multiple times.
  2. Manually deleted C:\splunk\etc\apps\splunk_app_db_connect and C:\splunk\var\splunk_app_db_connect.
  3. We tried install db_connect through the website and the cli.

Please advise.

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Have you tried extracting the DB connection application onto the filesystem of the Splunk server and then restarting the Splunk instance? You could use 7zip or any similar software for this purpose...
I'm running DB Connect on Splunk 6.5 but on LInux, not Windows so not an exact comparison but it works fine on Splunk 6.5.0 as such.

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