Gauge issue in 4.2.2

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I'm getting an error while attempting to generate a gauge.

Search operation 'gauge' is unknown. You might not have permission to run this operation.

We have another environment running the same version and build and it works without issue.
The command was ran using the admin account.

Here's an example of the search string

index=prod source="/logs/health.log" "The memory usage" " server1" | rex field=_raw "is (?<gc>.*) " | head 1 | gauge gc 1 1000 1500 2000


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Did you find the cause of this problem?

I have created a realtime dashboard and on my 4.2.2 search head I get this error as a normal user but not as an admin.

If it access the dashboard from my 4.2 (flat) indexer then it works as the normal user.


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