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Website Monitoring Not Reporting Data


Hey Splunker,

We have configured 100's of URL to monitor their response code, surprisingly this stopped working, there is not data coming from any of the web_ping://"*" source.
When checked in splunkd.log of search head, i didn't found any trace of errors or warning for the same.
Can you help me with the keywords or any procedure to get this correct.
I tried for web_ping , ERROR. But didn't found anything fishy.

Out of my surprise when i restart splunk services, i get the logs of these URLs for sometime, then again it gets stopped.
I am using Splunk Version 6.6.3.
Checking on the resource usage of SH, everything seems to be normal.

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Can you look though the troubleshooting guide ( and let me know if it reveals something noteworthy?

In particular, the following search might be useful for exposing problems:

index=_internal (sourcetype=web_availability_modular_input ERROR) OR (traceback AND NOT sourcetype=splunkd_ui_access)
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Hey @LukeMurphey , i executed your query, but no luck.

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