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How can we control count in maps+?

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Hi Splunker,Please help to find the solution this problem.

My task is to show the Bus location and Service center location in single Map .
Bus locations are stored in Index A ** and Service Centers locations are stored in ** lookup file .
To achieve this I am using MAPS+ Initially when map loads its only showing Bus locations When user click on show Service center then service centers location loaded into the same Map.

To achieve this I am using append query to combine both Bus location and Service Center Location.Both the locations are visible on Map * but problem here is It's also counting the Service centers locations with Bus locations.* Please help me How we can restrict to not count the Service centers location.

My Query:index="A"
|append[|inputlookup Service_lookup ]
|eval markerColor=case(like(Status, "%1%"), "orange",like(Status, "%0%"), "red", 1=1, "lightblue"), icon=case(like(Status, "%1%"),"building",like(Status, "%0%"), "hand-lizard-o", 1=1, "car"),layerDescription=case(like(Status, "%1%"),"building",like(Status, "%0%"), "hand-lizard-o", 1=1, "car")
|table latitude, longitude,BUS_ID,markerColor,icon,iconColor,layerDescription,ServiceCenterName,Status,Address

alt text Count inside rectangular box is sum of both BUS and Service center.

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