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Website Monitoring App with Splunk 6.0 (username and password in header?)

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The website I would like to monitor runs behind our SSO. I would like to be able to insert a username and password into the header in order to gain access to the site for monitoring. Is this something which may come in a future version or can it be done now?

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Being able to monitor a site that requires authentication would be extremely useful for this application.


It depends on what you mean by "header". Note that the app does support an HTTP proxy; just open the setup screen and configure it.

However, I suspect that you are referring to an authentication page in the app that you want to monitor (basically, needing the app to login to a website first). Could you clarify if that is what you are looking for? I might add that if I can get the feature request clarified.

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You would be able to do it using a modular input. Write the modular input that takes username/password in the settings, and then program it to make an authenticated query.

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