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Waterfall Custom Visualization App and Trellised data

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I'm wanting to produce a variable, large number of Waterfall charts all with the same format and source data. Is it possible to do this in a Trellis with a Waterfall chart using this app? If not, what would be needed to improve it to do so, or is there an alternate app that can do it?
Example data generated as follows:

| makeresults 
| eval
| fields - _time
| transpose 0 column_name="month"
| rex field="row 1" "(?<dat1>.+),(?<dat2>.+),(?<dat3>.+)"
| fields month dat*
| addcoltotals labelfield="month" label="Total"

Adding a | fields month dat1 shows a single valid Waterfall chart, but I'd ideally like to see a way of having the above data create 3 Trellised Waterfall charts (or in the case of my dataset, a trellissed chart per dat* column). In order to get this working with this app I'd have to create a panel per chart with visibility triggers on each, which isn't as desirable.

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