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User permissions:Why are ldapfilter, ldapgroups, ldapfetch not working with non-default stanza?


Hi forum,

I'm trying to setup sa-ldapsearch for multiple clients. The whole idea is that a client is not allowed to use lookups of another client while using the same searchhead. I tried to copy SA-ldapsearch and rename the app in app.conf to give application level permissions. Every ldap app has its own ldap.conf, which look like this..

alternatedomain = BWTEST
basedn = DC=bwtest,DC=loc
binddn = svc-splunk@bwtest.loc
port = 389
server =
ssl = 0

command ldapsearch is working fine, but ldapfilter, ldapgroup and ldapfetch is not:

2018-09-11 15:42:57,500, Level=ERROR, Pid=19384,, Line=407, Missing required value for alternatedomain in ldap/BWTEST.
2018-09-11 15:52:11,294, Level=ERROR, Pid=19892,, Line=407, Missing required value for alternatedomain in ldap/bwtest.loc.

it looks like is not finding the alternatedomain in bwtest.loc stanza. if i configure the settings in the default stanza, it works for me - unfortunately, this does not work for multiple concurrent installations.

any hints? Has anyone installed multiple instances of SA-ldapsearch on a single search head?


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