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Treemap - Custom Visualization. When all values are equal, TreeMap only shows the "min" color.


Let me give you the use case first. I am using TreeMaps to visualize the health of some devices. If Health = 100 then Device is OK. Health = 0 means Device is Bad.

I set up my search in a way that Health Value determines the color of the tiles (100=green, 0=red, sequential mode with 6 bins)

BUT... when ALL devices are in 100, all the tiles are shown RED (minimum value)... I want to be able to select a color when all values are equal (e.g. Green when ALL devices have health 100, red when they are all 0) Is this possible to do?

It seems like this option is not part of the visualization. Before raising a case with Splunk, has anyone else been in the same situation? Did you find a way to specify the tiles color or any other workaround (hard-coding the color code is not an option!)


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