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Splunk DB connect return result as empty for string/varchar fields.


I have an issue where querying Oracle 9 DB using DB connect. All fields that are varchar returned as empty, but for numeric or date it is returning correcting. 


Say if I run on SQL explorer "Select sysdate from dual" or "select count(*) from table_A" I will get the expected result, but running "select transactionid from table_a;" it will return multiple rows  of empty data. 


And if I run "select sysdate, transactionid from table_a;" I will get sysdate correctly but transactionid field as empty. 


I try to added as input, but when I check the events all the varchar fields does not exists in the events.  Using "select sysdate, transactionid from table_a;", I can see sysdate in the event but not transactionid. 


if I run the query in SQL developer it is all working perfectly fine.

For other DB input I am using, I don't have this issue.

I have trying add the query as input, cast the varchar fields but nothing seems to work.

Just wonder if anyone has any ideas how could I work around this? 


Below is the information of DB and Splunk:

DB is Oracle - Version:
Splunk Version: 7.2.5

Current Application: Splunk DB Connect
App Version 3.1.3

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Found a workaround, not sure why this happens but if I cast the varchar field to char it will work. 

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