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Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange: Why Analyze Mailbox Database dashboard only shows a graph for the first database for each host?


Hello All

We are looking at the Exchange app 3.0.1 and we are looking at Analyze Mailbox Database dashboard and looking at Database I/O Latency. It seems that we can only get the graph to show up for the first database for each host. If we select a different database on the host it shows nothing. How do we resolve the graphing issue of Database I/O Latency to show information for all of the active databases.

Also curious as to how the Splunk Exchange app is determining which database is active and which is passive.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

That seems like a bug to me. Please work through Splunk Support to get it filed - they will ask for additional information. We will need some details on how your Exchange environment is set up as well (in terms of databases on the machine) so that we can reproduce.

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