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Splunk Add-on for Cisco UCS - Unable do config server properly


I'm experimenting with the Add-on for Cisco UCS.
After configuring server, tasks and templates i get the following message in the ta_app_conf.log:

Splunk_TA_cisco-ucs:Manager server is referenced by tasks.conf, but it is disabled or disabled in servers.conf

Here's the cisco_ucs_tasks.conf:
disabled = 0
index = main
interval = 300
servers = Splunk_TA_cisco-ucs:Manager
sourcetype = cisco:ucs
templates = Splunk_TA_cisco-ucs:Basis_Lab_U1_01

And the cisco_ucs_servers.conf:
account_name = ******
account_password = ******
disable_ssl_verification = True
server_url = bla.bla.bla.bla

I don't see why the server is disabled. Could someone give me a hint?

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Did you ever resolve this? I'm receiving the same error.

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Yes, I could resolve this. I renamed the app to fit the naming conventions of our installation.
A big no-go when it comes to apps.
After reverting back to the original name, all worked fine.

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