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Splunk Add-on for Bamboo: Is there any more documentation for this add-on?



  • Is there any more documentation for the Splunk Add-on for Bamboo?
  • Which index does it forward data to by default?
  • Do I need to create "bamboo" index for it in the Splunk indexer manually?
  • Can I or do I have to set the index in the $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/ta-bamboo/local/inputs.conf file? E.g. index = bamboo


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I have not found any further documentation, I was looking due to a SSL error when trying to connect.

The script looks like it sends to either the "main" index or whatever you have in inputs, according to line 218 of the bin/ script, haven't been able to verify because I'm not getting logs in but fairly certain thats how it works.

    def extract(self, inputs):
201         """
202         Extract data from provided inputs
203         :param inputs: inputs_items object
204         """
205"Inside extract ...")
206         self.input_name, self.input_items = inputs.inputs.popitem()
207         self.server = self.input_items['server']
208         self.protocol = self.input_items['protocol']
209         self.port = self.input_items['port']
210         self.username = self.input_items['username']
211         self.password = self.input_items['password']
212         self.bamboo_service = BambooService(self.username, self.password, self.server, self.port, self.protocol)
213         #self.jql = self.input_items['jql']
214         post_endpoint = '%s://%s:%s/rest/api/latest/plan' % (
215             self.protocol, self.server, self.port)
216         self.post_url = _get_url(post_endpoint)
217"PostURL: " + self.post_url)
218         self.output_index = self.input_items['index'] or 'main'
219         self.output_sourcetype = self.input_items['sourcetype'] or 'bamboo'
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I wish I knew the answers to this.

I did add index=something_something to the local/input.conf file on the heavy forwarder and the data was ingested in that index.

Also, this will not run on a universal forwarder, since it needs Splunk's python to operate.

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