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I have a table with three columns. Each column lists a specific type of product by name. I want to click on any cell in the table and pass the content of that cell to a second search which will display information about when customers downloaded that product. I have no problem passing one specific column, such as $row.fields.COLUMN-NAME$ but that limits me to one column. I thought that if I strung all three columns together in my search that only the one I clicked on would be passed but instead all three are passed.

I've tried the various options found in drilldown1_tables view in Sideview Utils but they don't work. It will probably be a 'doh moment when I figure it out but as of now I'm stumped.

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What you can do is to configure your table for cell level drilldown and then use the value "$click.value2$" to extract the value of cell clicked.

<module name="SimpleResultsTable" layoutPanel="panel_row1_col1">
            <param name="drilldown">cell</param>
             <param name="fieldname">
                      <param name="value">$click.value2$</param>
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