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Saved Searches in google Maps


Is it possible to write savedSearches (saved in the "Search App") into the configuration of the "GoogleMaps" module for a view (written in advanced xml) ?

For instance, the following search executes this DYNAMICSEARCH every time this view is loaded. GoogleMaps will attempt to run the search dynamically and plot its results on a google map :

<module name="HiddenSearch> 
  <param name="search">DYNAMICSEARCH</param>
  <module name="GoogleMaps">

I want to save DYNAMICSEARCH as a saved search and use that as the search parameter instead

Any ideas on how to go about this ?

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I am trying to do the same thing. did you ever find the answer

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Haven't tried it myself, but you should be able to create an advanced xml view in the desired app (e.g. "Search") but change your "[HiddenSearch][1]" to a "[HiddenSavedSearch][2]". And then change you "search" param to a "savedSearch" param.



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