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PCI Compliance App Error Creatve Commons Version

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I am trying to use the PCI Compliance app with a new Splunk install on a Windows 2008 server(64bit)

When I open the app I receive this on a red bar across top above the app field...

Error in 'lookup' command: The lookup table 'geoip' does not exist.

The app appears to open and displays all fields but has no data showing.

Also if I click Configure in the overview drop down I receive...

404 Not Found

Return to Splunk home page

Splunk cannot find "apps/local/PCI/setup".
This page was linked to from http://splunk:8000/en-US/app/PCI/pcistatus.

You are using splunk:8000, which is connected to splunkd @115073 at on Tue Jan 24 10:26:31 2012.

If you could point me in a direction to look for the issue that would be great.

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Sounds like the app is relying on GeoIP
Download and install this APP, found in the market
Geo Location Lookup Script (powered by MAXMIND)

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