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Non-Repoonding hosts lists non F5


I have recently installed the F5 Analytics app and it works well with one exception.

For some reason that I am unable to figure out, on the Dashboard, the non-responding hosts section lists every device that is monitored in Splunk (we also monitor Syslog from several hundred network devices).

Any idea how to fix this?

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Ideally you should be sending data from the HTTP Event Collector for F5 Devices to a specific index example: f5-default. If you have all of the BIG-IPs going to F5 only indexes you would then update the f5_index macro to index name and that will prevent all hosts from being listed.


I can't believe that I missed that index=* line. Index updated and it works as expected. Thank you

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we did define specific index name in f5_index macro, still we see different hosts in non-responding hosts...did you get this resolved...??

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Path Finder

Also interested in if this was resolved?

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