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How to modify default fields in Trend Micro Deep Security for Splunk?


I'm receiving syslog flow from Trend Micro Deep Security.
After installing the app for Splunk, I would like to check how the fields are populate by it. I've got an issue with the field "DPI_Reason", where I can find the Trend Micro rule number.
The field in the raw data is, for example, "502", but the field in splunk is "-502". And it only populate the field with default values like 502 or 504, not with custom rules like 1001234.



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Make sure that Deep Security is sending syslog messages with Common Event Format (CEF) as syslog format.

On Deep Security web interface:

Administration -> System Settings -> SIEM -> Syslog Format (Common Event Format).

Hope this helps.


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Deep Security manager is sending traffic to splunk and splunk is getting the events but not showing it on UI. For example I see DSM sending messages on UDP port 10702 that are received by Splunk but I can't see them. Splunk has the Deep Security manager app configured. Please help?

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