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NetSkopeAppForSplunk.v1.2.0 not working after token update

Hi @aplura_llc_supp/@mikerefakis,
We are using the NetSkope App v1.2.0 in our Splunk instance (v7.2.9.1) to collect the data from Netskope. We are encountering an issue where we are trying to fetch the data through the app, but fails to do so even after changing the token in NetSkope app in Splunk. It is worth noting that the token from NetSkope was changed. So we updated the token on NetSkope app in Splunk but the issue still persists even after token update. Below are the errors received in Splunk:
log_level=ERROR pid=108789 tid=MainThread file="" function="next_page" line_number="134" version="NetSkopeAppForSplunk.v1.2.0.b252" exception='data' message='data' exception_type=KeyError exception_arguments='data' exception_line=82
log_level=ERROR pid=65944 tid=MainThread file="" function="get_credential" line_number="340" version="NetSkopeAppForSplunk.v1.2.0.b252" message="Splunkd daemon is not responding: ('Error connecting to /servicesNS/nobody/NetSkopeAppForSplunk/storage/passwords: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer',)" exception_type="SplunkdConnectionException" exception_arguments="Splunkd daemon is not responding: ('Error connecting to /servicesNS/nobody/NetSkopeAppForSplunk/storage/passwords: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer',)" filename="" line="311"
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