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Lookup File Editor App for Splunk Enterprise: How to create an alert that triggers when a lookup is modified and what was modified?


I know you in the log you can see when a lookup is successfully modified/saved and when a back up is created. Is there a way to create a search to compare the current version results with the locally saved backup that is created automatically and list the delta of the two? Trying to create an alert that is triggered when a lookup is modified and then have a comparison run to show me what exactly was modified? Not 100% sure if possible sense the data in the lookup isn't indexed.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Hi, To keep it simple, would a simple monitor stanza in your inputs.conf pointing at the lookup file work?
Presuming its just a CSV or similar.
Then if it changes, the changes should be ingested. In that case, any event produced could be used to trigger an alert, and the ingested data would be the change / delta.

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