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Literal string not working with TA-WebTools


Using the following search strangely doesn't return the same result as it does in using postman, browser, etc. Essentially, we've got a list of IPs joined together that I'm attempting to pass to the shodan API which the "net:" search filter supports. The list of IPs will looks like so: ",," etc

(yes, the API key is included in the curl but is removed for the sake of this question)

| dedup src_ip
| stats values(src_ip) as ip_list
| eval ip_list = mvjoin(ip_list, ",")
| curl method=get uri="".ip_list."&fields=ip_str,port,timestamp,vulns&minify=false&language=en

However, we get 0 matches when the response body is returned:

"matches": [],
"total": 0

Example query that returns a response:,,,port,timestamp,vuln...

Is the literal string expression (".ip_list.") not supported by TA-WebTools? 


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