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Is Splunk DB Connect 2 compatible with Search Head Clustering?

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Is Splunk DB Connect 2 compatible with Splunk Head Clustering? And if so, what are the requirements?

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What is the best method to distribute Identities and Connections via the search cluster deployer? I have done the following on our three-node cluster and everything works except one MS SQL connection on a single cluster node. Can the proper way to do this be added to the Splunk docs?

Cluster host #1
1. Installed DB Connect v2 app
2. Downloaded database drivers and copied to splunk_app_db_connect/bin/lib
3. Setup up Identities and Connections. Once steps 1-3 were completed I was able to query the databases.
4. scp'ed the DB Connect v2 app to the deployer
5. Removed the DB Connect v2 app from Cluster host #1

Deployer Host
6. Executed "apply shcluster-bundle". This successfully pushed the DB Connect v2 app to all three of our cluster nodes

Cluster Node #1
1. This is the host in which I initially setup DB connect and the database connections still function after the push from the deployer.

Cluster Node #2
MySQL connection works but MS SQL connection doesn’t

Cluster Node #3
Both MySQL and MS SQL connections work

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I've asked our tech writer to add this information to the docs - DBX-1792

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee
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