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Import complete Database tables using DB connect


Hi There!

I have a usecase wherein I need to import the complete database, like one particular table of ALL the Schemas of ALL the catalogs available in a connection in one input.
I do have access to the Database as well
Do we have a way around for the same.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi @splunkdivya 

  • You can use Splunk DB connect batch input to import entire table, it takes a while depends on schedule of input and table size
  • You will need one input for each table in schema unless you write a SQL query that combines all the information from multiple tables which might be complex I wouldn't do that

Note: "Batch input mode is ideal for unchanging historical data that will be indexed into Splunk once. It can also be useful for re-indexing data that updates through time"

Splunk docs link would help to start with, How Splunk DB Connect works - Splunk Documentation 


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