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How to deploy SplunkDB Connect App from one environment to another environment?

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Hi Team,

Using SplunkDB connect we get data from database to indexer(App A), both splunkdb connect and App A are deployed in the same indexer. All the DB queries are saved under Splunk_Home\etc\apps\APP A\local\db_inputs.conf not in Splunk_Home\etc\apps\splunkdb_connect\local\db_inputs.conf. Only database connection and identity details are stored in splunkDB connect App. In App A if we query DB data we are able to get the DB data and we prepared statistical data using that DB data in App A.
Now we package App A and deploy that in new environment no db data are coming in new environment as App A contains only the queries and DB connection details are present in splunkdb connect app

The question here is how to move the splunkdb connect app from old environment to new environment?

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One thing that you need to consider is that the DB Connect app uses the splunk.secret to encrypt/decrypt the identity credentials. So you will want to ensure that the splunk.secret is the same between the 2 machines.

There are 2 locations that you have to migrate if you plan on migrating the app to a new server (assuming that the splunk.secret is the same on both servers).

These locations are:

  1. $SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/splunkappdbconnect/
  2. $SPLUNKHOME/var/lib/splunk/modinputs/server/splunkappdbconnect

The first directory is the App directory. The second directory is the checkpoint value for any rising columns that you have configured.


Why you want to move? Just install the db connect app on new environment and copy the configuration files from /local to new environment /local dir under DBconnect app.