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How to calc component availabilty data coming from nagios


I am trying to get component availability from nagios data coming into splunk for the previous month. I'm ultimately trying to get the % of time available. I've developed the following search to calculate down time for a single host (hardware names have been changed to protect the innocent):

index=nagios src_host=blahn1* HOST ALERT HARD NOT SERVICE* host=""|sort _time|delta _time AS duration p=1|where name="UP"|stats sum(duration) as total_down_time|table total_down_time

This appears to be working correctly. Then if I can calculate total up time (I'd like to eventually exclude maintenance windows but they aren't in nagios yet so can't), I can get my percentage.

My questions are as follows:

  • I'm sure i"m not the first person to do this. Is there a better way?
  • If not, I can't find an easy way to calculate the uptime for the month by looking at the timespan ofhte search. Again, I'm sure I'm missing something there.
  • My search above is for a single host (src_host) in nagios. I'd like to do this on a group of hosts, using tags to get the group. I've tried the following to do this but it isn't quite working, though it's close:

index=nagios tag=mxhosts HOST ALERT HARD NOT SERVICE* host=""|sort src_host, _time|delta _time AS duration p=1|delta src_host AS hostdiff|where name="UP" and ~something with hostdiff~|stats sum(duration) as total_down_time by src_host

Since I can use a 'by' in the delta command, I was trying use the hostdiff field created in the search as a way to filter out durations when the src_host changed (i.e. previous event was from a different host so 'delta' shouldn't count.

  • we have four nagios hosts monitoring everything. I'd like to just pick one, but if there's a netsplit that makes a host register an 'outage', I don't want that to be the one host. I somehow want the 'best' host at any given poitn in time. Any suggestions here?


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Hi 🙂

Please upgrade to the latest release of Splunk for Nagios and let me know how you go 🙂

There are a number of new dashboards including:

Livestatus Host SLA

Livestatus Service SLA

All the best,

Luke 🙂

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