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How To FIND durations of groups of speed ranging in 0 to 5


Hi ,
I have data with 4 fields lat,long,duration and speed . i want to find out durations for groups having speed range 0 to 5.

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You could provide some more information of what results you desire, but this search is one way to "find out durations".

sourcetype=blah speed>=0 speed<=5 | stats values(duration) by speed

You should probably read on some of the reporting commands such as stats, chart, timechart etc.


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thanks for your answer,below is some detail of exact problem:-

latitude longitude duration speed
18.59094039 73.74169497 11-02-2014 19:42 0.833333
18.59096988 73.74183935 11-02-2014 19:43 1.833333
18.59101222 73.74205194 11-02-2014 19:44 6.666667
18.59101222 73.74205194 11-02-2014 19:44 0.666667
A Group is counted as one when speed >=0 and speed<=5. if speed exceeds 5 then again search for speed>=0 and speed<=5 and count it as 2nd group until speed>5 is found.we want duration for each such group.

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