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Getting SSL errors


For some reason I am getting the following two errors showing in my syslog data on my esxi hosts:

SSL Handshake failed for stream TCP(local=esxihost:443, peer=splunk:34717), error=SSL Exception: Unexpected EOF
SSLStreamImpl::DoServerHandshake (680fe048) SSL_accept failed with Unexpected EOF

It is the forwarded appliance trying to connect to the the esxi hosts. Any clue how I can fix this?

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Just noticed the same issue on our infrastructure. vmware app 2.0 and vcenter UF 5.0.4. Has there been any resolution to this yet? or is the answer upgrade to vmware app 3.0?

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It is in issue with the vmware splunk app 2.0. I have been in contact with Splunk about this issue. Not have heard back from them.

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can you give me your inputs and outputs file of sender(forwarder) and inputs file of receiver(indexer) details ...
-Kamal Bisht

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The local host is 443, so I really hope it's not the forwarder trying to connect. Typically 443 is going to be a (non-default) setting for the Splunk UI.

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I am getting the same thing across all of my ESXi hosts and from vcenter. 2.0.0 vmware app. 5.0.2 indexer, 5.0.2. vcenter UF

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