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Exception error when launching SplunkIt search test


I'm using SplunkIt to test performance of new indexer hardware. I setup SplunkIt and ran the indexing test without issues and was able to get splunkit-user working, but I am getting an exception error (below) when launching on the server side.

Other information:

  • CentOS 6.3
  • Python 2.7.5
  • Splunk 4.3.6
  • SplunkWeb listening on TCP/8000
  • iptables is open
  • Nothing is listening on 8080 or 8081 per netstat
  • Host is registered in DNS and can resolve adddresses

Suggestions on what may be wrong?


[root@phelsplind001 splunkit-server]# /usr/local/bin/python2.7 bin/

Preparing logger

[2013-10-11 08:48:48,483] ServerMain: Preparing server and test driver object

[2013-10-11 08:48:48,483] TestDriver: Preparing Pyro test driver object

[2013-10-11 08:48:48,484] TestDriver: Preparing results logger with CSV output enabled

[2013-10-11 08:48:48,484] TestDriver: CSV fields: ['timestamp', 'unixtimestamp', 'testname', 'testclass', 'host', 'thread', 'id', 'agentrun', 'clientrun', 'elapsed', 'runduration', 'username', 'eventcount', 'resultcount', 'timetofirstevent', 'timetosearch']

[2013-10-11 08:48:48,485] ServerMain: Starting pyro server thread

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "bin/", line 616, in


File "bin/", line 526, in main

thread = PyroServerThread(testobjects={'test.driver' : testdriver}, host=properties['serverhost'], nameserverport=int(properties['serverport']), daemonport=int(properties['serversecondaryport']))

File "/var/splunkit-server/lib/pyro", line 130, in init
self.server = PyroServer(host=host, nameserverport=nameserverport, daemonport=daemonport, servertype=servertype)

File "/var/splunkit-server/lib/", line 58, in _init__
nameserveruri, nameserverdaemon, broadcastserver = Pyro4.naming.startNS(host=host, port=nameserverport, enableBroadcast=False)

File "/var/splunkit-server/lib/Pyro4/", line 251, in startNS
daemon=NameServerDaemon(host, port, unixsocket, nathost=nathost, natport=natport)

File "/var/splunkit-server/lib/Pyro4/", line 121, in init
super(NameServerDaemon, self).init(host, port, unixsocket, nathost=nathost, natport=natport)

File "/var/splunkit-server/lib/Pyro4/", line 772, in init
self.transportServer.init(self, host, port, unixsocket)

File "/var/splunkit-server/lib/Pyro4/socketserver/", line 77, in init
self.sock=socketutil.createSocket(bind=bindlocation, reuseaddr=Pyro4.config.SOCKREUSE, timeout=Pyro4.config.COMMTIMEOUT, noinherit=True)

File "/var/splunkit-server/lib/Pyro4/", line 217, in createSocket

File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/", line 224, in meth
return getattr(self.sock,name)(*args)

socket.error: [Errno 99] Cannot assign requested address

Shutting down Pyro server

Exception AttributeError: "PyroServer instance has no attribute 'nameserver
daemon'" in > ignored

Exception AttributeError: "'PyroServerThread' object has no attribute 'server'" in > ignored

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Re: Exception error when launching SplunkIt search test

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Sometimes using an ip address instead of hostname for server_host in will help. This occurs due to the limitations of the pyro library this framework is built on.


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Re: Exception error when launching SplunkIt search test


It's very odd because the server can resolve it's own address in DNS, but using the IP address in in splunkit-server fixed it.

Thanks for your help.

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