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Eventgen: How to contribute to the development of the app?


A beginner/intermediate programmer/tester here.. I would like to contribute to Eventgen Splunk app. Checked the git page for Eventgen, but it looks bit complex.
To help me / others who like to contribute to Eventgen, can you give ideas/tips for
1. How to understand the Eventgen code (which file to start with, how should one go thru the github code)
2. As testing /bug fixing also a good way to contribute, can you please suggest how to test the Eventgen please.

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The best place I learnt to start evengen is reading the eventgen.conf.spec
Then go through the samples configurations. The key thing to understand is "replay" and "sample" modes, but playing few examples will help.
A youtube video is also helpful though quite old now. Video1 && Video2

Eventgen is open source in github.
The Contribution requirements are present in here

- if you require enhancement request, put as an issue. If you also find a bug, please put as an issue.
- if you are a developer and want to put code, initiate a pull request from your forked code.


adding a comment, to bring it to the Queue again, so that if someone got some suggestions, ideas, they can share with us.. thanks..

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Hmmm. Get onto the splunk slack channel, and ask in the #appdev sub channel.

If I recall correctly, they just released an update of some sort.... but start there.