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Does Splunk DB Connect 2.0.5 support Oracle 10g?


Splunk version: 6.3.0
Splunk DB Connect version: 2.0.5

Java version: Oracle Java 1.8.0_60
OS: Redhat Linux
Database: Oracle 10g

As you see above, my customer is using Oracle 10g.

My questions
1) Is it possible for "DB Connect 2.0.5" to use "oracle 10g" ?
2) If so, I cannot find official documentation on this from the URL below
3) If not, can Splunk not guarantee DB Connect 2.0.5 will work with Oracle 10g officially?

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1) is it possible for "db connect
2.0.5" to use "oracle 10g" ?

Yes, if you can find a JDBC driver for it and configure it correctly. Splunk uses JDBC to connect to databases, so this should in theory work but you may have to do some effort to configure it.

2) if so , I can't not find official
document as below URL

Nope it's not documented there.

3) if not so, splunk not guarantee db
connect 2.0.5 to user oralce 10g

Oracle 10g went out of extended support in July 2013. Oracle's "Sustaining support" model does not allow for newly created updates to Oracle 10g and it does not allow for "Certifications with new third party products / versions". ( See ). Oracle 10g is effectively end of life. While I can't speak for Splunk as a company (I do not work for them), I would think asking them to "guarantee" compatibility with an end of life third party product is a bit of a large request.

I don't see any reason why DB Connect would NOT work with Oracle 10g, but you are going to have to do the work to make it work. You'll need to get a compatible JDBC driver and configure DB Connect to use it.