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Create an alert based on SQL query results from DB Input

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Hi ,
I'm new to Splunk , I'm using DB connect V2 . Want to create an alert based on a query in DB Input , I have a field called 'Duration_Hrs' .
I want to trigger email chain if duration exceeds over 24 hours . What are detailed steps I need to follow?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You'll first want to construct a search that returns results that you'd like to be alerted on:

example (assuming you're indexing the data from your DB, and you'd like all fields present in your alert): index=my_db_index Duration_Hrs>24 | table *

Then: Save As -> Alert

There's a dozen or so fields you'll want to fill out within the "Save As Alert" box. I'd suggest reading the following : . There are time windows and intervals you'll want to set to capture data in your required manner.

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If we are directly running the query against DB and not indexing data, will it send alert? I am trying to set up alert for this but it is not sending any data content . Only email with "Search Complete" is coming.
I tried with sendresult=true inline=true sendcsv=true also.


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