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Counters Value in search query



I don't understand the use of "Counters" in input.conf configuration while monitoring "Memory" of the system.


counters = Page Faults/sec; Available Bytes; Committed Bytes; Commit Limit; Write Copies/sec; Transition Faults/sec; Cache Faults/sec; Demand Zero Faults/sec; Pages/sec; Pages Input/sec; Page Reads/sec; Pages Output/sec; Pool Paged Bytes; Pool Nonpaged Bytes; Page Writes/sec; Pool Paged Allocs; Pool Nonpaged Allocs; Free System Page Table Entries; Cache Bytes; Cache Bytes Peak; Pool Paged Resident Bytes; System Code Total Bytes; System Code Resident Bytes; System Driver Total Bytes; System Driver Resident Bytes; System Cache Resident Bytes; % Committed Bytes In Use; Available KBytes; Available MBytes; Transition Pages RePurposed/sec; Free & Zero Page List Bytes; Modified Page List Bytes; Standby Cache Reserve Bytes; Standby Cache Normal Priority Bytes; Standby Cache Core Bytes; Long-Term Average Standby Cache Lifetime (s)
disabled = 0
interval = 10
mode = multikv
object = Memory

My events are extracting as the attached screenshot. (why fields are extract same as counters with "_" )
So what will be SPL to find out "available memory" suing counters in input.conf?

Please describe the role and use of Counter please in search query.

Thanks in advance.alt text

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maybe like this:
... search for perfmon data ... | eval available_memory = 100 - %_Committed_Bytes_In_Use ....

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