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Configure JMS Modular Input for IBM MQ 9

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I'm having trouble figuring out how to properly set up JMS Modular Inputs in Splunk Enterprise (8.0.6).

Here is what I've done so far : 

- Installation of the app ( into my Indexer server. Got the app and the libs correctly installed, in etc/apps/jms_ta/bin/lib

- Adding the following IBM jars into the previous /lib directory :



- Restart Indexer

- Got the BaboonBones activation key

- Access to Data Inputs to create a JMS Messaging endpoint

Then I started to fill in the required settings parameters. 

However, I don't really know what to fill in for "JNDI Initial Context Factory Name" and "JNDI Provider URL" (I have the IP address and port of the MQ server, but don't know the exact syntax for this).

As of the JNDI Initial Context Factory Name, I've tried to follow documentations on IBM side but all the classes I've tried to use ended up with NoClassDefFound or other errors. 

Could anyone please guide me step by step how to properly set up this module ? What I'm I missing ?

Thank you.

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