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Can we create DB Connect inputs in separate app?

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I'm using DB Connect 3.1.4 on Splunk 7.1. My db inputs were created in separate app, one app for each app area. I've installed 3.1.4 version of DB connect, did the migration of database inputs, but they're failing with following error:

ConfMigrationFailException: Fail to migration conf input, stanza name '.......'

It fails even if I copy the db_inputs.conf file to splunk_app_db_connect app itself. Any new connection I make works fine. Any idea why the migrated ones are not working?

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Hi There,

What version of DB Connect and Splunk were the original inputs created under, also why is there a requirement to create said inputs under a separate app?

But as quick fix, as I've experienced a db migration issue before, just re-create the db input as a new input and all should work fine

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